Vadim Finkelstein

Vadim was born on August 14, 1964, in Uzbekistan where his family was evacuated to during the war. Only in 1970 the Finkelsteins came back to Leningrad. The first profession, which Vadim inherited from his father and grandfather, was the profession of a butcher, mastered by him at the age of 14. Till 20 Finkelstein had learned the profession of a salesman, and step-by-step he advanced from a common butcher, dressing up to one ton of meat, to the manager of the section, including five departments. As cooperative movement began Vadim conceived the idea of independence. At the age of 21 he founded the co-operative store Aromat, which dealt with fruits and vegetables trade and included 15 stands and 3 trucks. Then an Uzbek restaurant was added, and still later – wholesale meat trade.
In the beginning of the 90th Vadim moved to the Netherlands. A year later he gave himself to alcohol market, delivering Royal and other new products to the Russian market. Simultaneously he registered in the Netherlands a company Infin Gala International, which dealt with wholesale import of meat to Russia. The goods were delivered to the Myasopttorg company registered in Saint Petersburg. Soon a reliable meat products delivery channel was established from Holland to Russia. Finkelstein decided to focus on that direction. Three years later Vadim returned to his homeland.
In 1995 by order of Vadim Finkelstein the Dutch experts invented the energy drink Red Devil. The appearance of the energy drink on the market was noticed by the organizers of European ultimate fighting; they turned to the new manufacturer with an offer to become a sponsor of one of the championships. Having assessed the prospective of ultimate fighting in Russia Vadim Finkelstein started the propaganda of this sport and in 1997 he created the first Red Devil team. Being a promoter he methodically screened the Russian sport youth in search of talented sportsmen who would be able to deservedly perform on world tournaments and bring the team founder interest of the wins.
But soon Vadim has sold the rights of ownership on the Red Devil team and changed the name of the team on a more euphonic – the fighting league Mix Fight М-1, still later he started the production of the М-1 Formula energy drink. After the speech of Gennady Onishchenko, the Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia, provoked a number of scandalous articles about the synthetic nature of these drinks in the media, Vadim decided to create an energy drink made only of natural products, in spite of all the difficulties connected with this idea.
In 2004 he opened the Flying Dutchman fitness centre and restaurant in Saint Petersburg. Originally the Flying Dutchman was planned as fully transparent ship. The idea was quashed by the main artist of the city who didn’t permit to create a “grandiose glasshouse” in the heart of Petersburg. That’s why now the Flying Dutchman is a copy of the three-mast thirty-cannon Dutch Fleut Amsterdam of 1748.
Today Vadim has a double nationality spending 50% of his life in Saint Petersburg and 50% abroad. The main projects of Vadim in Russia remain Mix Fight M1 and the M1 energy drink. Today Vadim Finkelstein is named one the most creative entrepreneurs of Saint Petersburg.