About beauty salon

To be beautiful is a pleasant necessity in the life of every our guest!

It is very convenient if a beauty treatment salon is located exactly in the place which we often visit – in a fitness club not far from home or office, near a restaurant where our business meetings take place. That’s why a visit to the beauty treatment salon on the Flying Dutchman can be easily included even into the tightest schedule.

The time spent in the salon is the very necessary rest, which allows not only to look good, but to feel good too. The salon experts know how to work with beautiful sophisticated people and understand their requirements, favours and preferences.

The hair designers of the salon have graduated from the prestige international schools such as Vidal Sassoon, Tony&Guy, Doloress and they are always up on the modern hairstyle and makeup tendencies. Cosmetologists and manicure technicians not only perform their work perfectly, but also know how to spare the time of our clients. There is no need to say that the salon applies the best care products of the cult elite cosmetics brands: Alterna, Lebel, Sens, Thalion, Oleheriksen, and the most effective and comfortable treatments are included in the list of treatment services offered by the beauty salon on the Flying Dutchman. Getting delight in the process is the best guaranty of effectiveness.