The Flying Dutchman: 4 Dimensions of Haute Cuisine

Our guests are used to having lunch in Italy or breakfast in Tokyo; they also have occasions to visit Brazilian churrascarias. That’s why every year the best world gourmet professionals offer new cuisine, improve services and renew menu in all four restaurants of the Flying Dutchman complex.

Italian and French cuisine in the Terrassa restaurant is offered by the Michelin Star chefs (this year it was the Italian Lucio Pompili, the chief cook of the famous Symposium).

Japanese cuisine in the Panorama restaurant and Brazilian grill in the Paluba restaurant are offered by chief cooks of the best restaurants from Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro.

As concerns Russian cuisine which is traditionally served in the Panorama restaurant no one can match Yuriy Bondarenko, chef of the Flying Dutchman.
According to the foreign guests, the city view which opens up to the visitors of the restaurant and Russian cuisine dishes of the chef are the brightest impressions of the city on the Neva River. As Yuriy Bondarenko says, the broach of Petropavlovka and the view on Hermitage are the best reminder of the required level of cuisine and service.

The annual gourmet surprise of the Flying Dutchman is the original chef cuisine of the Ponton restaurant, the unique view site, working from May till September, located near a ship. This is the only restaurant in the centre of Saint Petersburg, where a yacht can be moored to.

Views from the Flying Dutchman